Welcome to Chez Jean Bordeaux Restaurant! We are a family owned French restaurant in one of the most beautiful cities in France – Bordeaux. The family of Jean have expanded the restaurant to keep up with the demand and at the moment we are able to serve up to 40 guests at 15 tables. We are open for weddings, corporate and other events.

Starting in 1973 as a small corner diner and coffee place we have grown into a large and well known restaurant. It all started when grandfather Jean, after working most of his life in a bakery, chose to start his own boulangerie. He was inspired by a man that he met in Spain, who had dreams to open his own garage, but never had. Grandfather did not want to live with regrets like him and decided to do something about his dream, and so Chez Jean was born. Soon after the opening – Chez Jean – got very popular and they could not cope with the demand. Having previously had a French cuisine restaurant in England next to an estate agents in Stowmarket we are also able to communicate fluently with visitors who can’t speak French. Come to our restaurant and enjoy the finest French cuisine.

People came for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Grandfather Jean had to expand and his family helped him to grow the small boulangerie into a proper restaurant. For over 40 years we have been fortunate enough to serve most splendid French food to our guests – mainly tourists from Europe and USA as well as loyal locals. In our diverse Menu you can find some of main traditional French dishes, soups and salad as well as some exclusive wines from Boreaux region. Our cooks are internationally awarded for their excellence and Jean himself is an author of 2 French home cooking books that have gained popularity in France. We still make fresh bread and cakes that you can order in advance. Please check our bakery page for more information.

Our restaurant is heated is constantly on top of the weather whether its warm or hot. In an attempt to keep our customers as comfortable as possible we have been supplied with top of the range radiators and air conditioning. We realise the importance and impact the surroundings can have whilst eating, in an attempt to perfection we have installed top of the range heating equipment. More info here:

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